Timeline of Robert Hill’s Ascendancy to ASDB Superintendent

March 27, 2009:  Hal Hoff submitted a letter of resignation from ASDB.  The ASDB Board was supposed to accept that letter in the next Board meeting on April 2, 2009. 

April 2, 2009: The ASDB Board discussed renewal of administrative-level contract positions, including the contract of then-Assistant Superintendent Robert Hill.  Superintendent Hal Hoff recommended that Hill’s contract be renewed, but the Board would not approve it because of concerns about Robert Hill.  Hal Hoff openly defended him.  The board rejected a motion to issue Hill a new contract.  The board then passed a motion to table the issue of Hill’s contract renewal to a later meeting to take place on or prior to April 14, 2009.  (State law requires that the ASDB Board decide questions of renewal/non-renewal by April 15.)    

As a result of the Board’s refusal to offer Hill a renewed contract, Hal Hoff withdrew his March 29, 2009 resignation letter.   

April 14, 2009:  The ASDB board approved renewing Robert Hill’s contract as Assistant Superintendent. 

May 20, 2009: In the very next meeting after Hill’s contract was renewed, Hal Hoff re-submitted his letter of resignation.  The Board accepted it.  The Board then passed a motion to make Robert Hill interim Superintendent.

This meeting was Bernhardt Jones’ first meeting as an ASDB Board member.  Bernhardt Jones is from Nebraska.  He is the director of the EIPA, an educational interpreting assessment program.  Robert Hill also works with the EIPA – he is the Arizona test administrator for EIPA.  In this meeting, Bernhardt Jones openly supported making Hill the interim Superintendent.

July 9, 2009:  Bernhardt Jones moved that the ASDB Board retreat to executive session to discuss Supt. Hill's salary.  He then moved that ASDB set Supt. Hill’s salary at $125,000 annually.

In that same meeting, the ASDB Board discussed its intent to conduct an open and competitive search for a Superintendent.

April 1, 2010: Bernhardt Jones moved that the ASDB Board retreat to an executive session to discuss appointing Hill as permanent Superintendent.  He then vocally supported issuing a 3-year employment contract to Hill as Superintendent.

No superintendent search process took place.

June 14, 2012: Bernhardt Jones moved to extend Supt. Hill's 3-year contract by another 3 years. 

Again, no superintendent search process took place.


In his tenure as Assistant Superintendent and then Superintendent of ASDB, Robert Hill has never had to compete for the position of ASDB Superintendent.

We, the members of the ASDB community including staff, parents, alumni, and friends, sign this petition as a Vote of No Confidence in Robert Hill's continued service as Superintendent of ASDB.